February Middle School News

Hello Parents,
It is almost time for the Invention Convention at Brookfield Middle School. We will be working with your student to help him or her decide on a topic/area of interest after our Ski Week Break. Stayed tuned for more information as we approach our start date.

STEM class working on their latest Engineering project
Straw Tower Competition

The Middle School Students have also been joining other classrooms across the world in live Geography lessons using Google Hangouts.The activity is called,"Google Mystery Hangout". The idea is to figure out ,using Google Maps and Google Earth, where the other classroom is located. The classrooms take turns asking only "Yes" or "No" questions to narrow down and pinpoint the location of the classroom's city.

Once that is accomplished, the students have a fact sharing session about the areas where we live and go to school.

Google App of the Month 

Design in 3D what you've always dreamed of, but never thought possible. Until now. Join the Tinkercad community and learn how to create your first real things in just a few minutes.

Intuitive designing.
Designing with Tinkercad is child’s play. Drop shapes on the workplane and punch holes to create the things you want. Tinkercad creates an STL file from your design, a standard format used universally by 3D printers and printing services.

Game like Lessons.
Lessons – small games – teach you 3D and make learning to design fun. After a few lessons, you’ll be creating toys, decorations, jewelry, accessories, spare parts...things you’ve always wanted just the way you like them.

You have a browser, you’re ready to start.
Tinkercad uses the latest WebGL technology and runs in the newest Firefox and Chrome browsers. Forget software installations, you’re already set to start. Every click, twist and turn you do to your design is saved to the cloud. Open your work on any computer, any time. Design your first 3D printable creation with Tinkercad.

Start tinkering now: tinkercad.com


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